Testimonies – What Others Say about this 19-Enzyme Formula


“I have suffered with extremely painful gas for most of my adult life. I’ve been able to start eating legumes and raw cruciferous vegetables again and my gut feels amazing.”

“I have been fighting with acid-reflux, stomach pain, and post-meal heaviness for years. I now feel better than ever. I eat without worrying about the after effects.”

“After years of suffering from GI issues this supplement has helped me tremendously.”

“I was getting IBS symptoms, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea very often which led to major discomfort every day. After taking this enzyme for a couple of weeks now, I am not experiencing any of these issues now. It improved my overall digestion and regularity. The capsules are easy to swallow and didn’t upset my stomach at all.”

“I am now having much less stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea.”

“I always bloat horribly no matter what I eat. I’m in my 4th day of using it and haven’t bloated once.”

“I could not properly digest fats , and I would run to the bathroom far more than I wanted to. Two weeks after taking this, I feel much better and more stabilized.”


“I’m lactose intolerant and taking this before eating pizza completely eliminated the usual discomfort.”

“Throughout the 5 days of consuming foods that are normally on my “do not eat” list, I never once felt bloated or uncomfortable.”

“I’m a lactose and gluten intolerant … bloated most of the time. I bought this hoping it works and it did! it doesn’t cause any discomfort, bad taste or gas.”

“I have noticed an improvement in my lower GI tract. I was constantly bloated and embarrassingly gassy; this has dramatically decreased since taking the enzyme.”

“Makes eating more enjoyable!”

“I’ve had stomach problems. This is the first time in a while that I’ve felt this good.”

“Certain foods like peanut butter and raw vegetables cause me bloating and acid reflux. It seems to be working beautifully, much better than Beano.”

“My elderly neighbor having serious digestive issues related to IBS noticed remarkable improvements.”

“I would wake up the next morning with food still in my stomach, burping up whatever I ate the night before. I would take me too much time to digest. With these enzymes I am feeling better.”

“No more bad nights or nightmares when I eat heavy food at night. I also think that it has improved my energy.”

“My husband is going thru radiation & chemo. When he ate, he would feel bloated and the food in his stomach wouldn’t move. With these capsules, not only does he eat but he is even hungry!”

“After my gallbladder removal, I had a very hard time digesting carbs, greasy foods, dairy, and any big meal. I had super loud and embarrassing gas and intestinal sounds. This has totally eliminated the sounds and IBS symptoms.”

“I went on a proton pump inhibitor and had my gallbladder removed. Before taking these enzymes, I would be constipated. Now I go very regularly. I have started weaning myself off the acid reflux meds.”

“No more bloating with cruciferous veggies. My gut health has dramatically improved.”

“It has cured my noisy stomach”

“Diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Haven’t been regular for a long time due to a new diet. This supplement has helped me tremendously. I have regular bowel movements every day.”

“My breath isn’t bad anymore. My pants are getting very loose, and I am losing size out of my middle.”

“I have ceased to have heartburn (I suffer from GERD).”

“I get fairly quick relief of bloating or gas after a heavy meal.”

“I have suffered with IBS my whole life. I don’t feel swollen or bloated after eating certain foods.”

“A doctor recommended this to me because of my frequent heartburn. I used to take several Tums a day without relief.  With these enzymes I am now heartburn free.”

“I’ve tried every digestive enzyme. This is the only one I’ve actually received noticeable positive changes.”

“I suffer with GERD, and take a daily acid reducer. I started taking this product I am feeling much better.”

“I don’t have the stomach pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea that I have had for so long!”

“It does not give me any side effects.”

“I suffer from IBS. I now have less bloating and a lot of energy.”

“My nails are long now that I’m absorbing more vitamins!”

“I have tested these by eating high fat ice cream that normally would bother my digestive system.  I take one of these and everything is fine. My mom, who does not have a gallbladder and cannot digest fat, loves them.”

“They have helped with my IBS a lot.”

“I noticed an immediate change in my energy levels.”

“These work much better than Zymozyme, especially for lactose intolerance.”

“Easy to swallow, no bad after taste. I really appreciate them being plant based, 100% money back guaranteed, and made in the US”

“I suffer from IBS and have had my gallbladder removed. Taking this product I feel more regular. I haven’t had any issues or side effects.”

“I can eat pizza and drink milk now!”

“It also cured my mouth odor (caused by indigestion) and saved my marriage.”

“I used to have trouble with any amount of gluten in my diet; with these enzymes, though, I can incorporate small amounts of gluten.”

“I took it for 2 weeks and I am having a significantly less amount of belly achin’ and rumbling and all that noise and discomfort”

“I am not getting fatigued after a meal any more.”

“Helps me digest milk proteins better. Better than Beano.”

“I love the fast acting action it has. It has fully resolved all of my discomfort.”

“With 200 grams of protein a day along with things like broccoli and asparagus constantly I used to be gassy. I do not get the bloated feeling anymore, and have not been nearly as gassy.”

“Easy to swallow and has no aftertaste at all. It has reduced my bloating.”

“Even when I ate offending foods, I had no gas, no bloating, no ‘upset’, nothing.”

“I suffer from acid reflux and no longer have my gall bladder. I have had a marked reduction in belching and bloating regardless of the type of food I eat.”

“These digestive enzymes have minimized the bloated feeling that comes along with my IBS.”

“At week two, I felt good energy, less bloating”

“After my son’s birth, I developed a lactose intolerance and a sensitivity to wheat, grains and legumes. My belly would bloat 4-5 inches by sundown. Starting into week two I feel much more energy and my stomach doesn’t hurt.”


“Diet is key when I prepare for a fitness competition. I eat 6 meals a day. Without these enzymes I wouldn’t be able to digest fast, absorb all nutrients, and also avoid bloating and pain.”

“I am getting much more energy from the foods I am eating.”

“Constipation and irregularity are not an issue… at all.”

“I am in my 60s and my ability to digest has compromised. This supplement has given me better digestion, less sour stomach and all around better comfort every day.”

“The best one I have ever tried! Indigestion or stomach upset is reduced.”

“It has started working right away and I can feel a difference in my energy level, and that my food is absorbed already.”

“I’m not so bloated and out of energy like normal. Since taking these, I haven’t had food sitting in my throat waiting for me to burp it up, I’ve been feeling a lot healthier.”

“I have noticed less bloating and more regular bowel movements.”

“I usually have flare ups from milk, beans and some veggies. When I take two of these pills before I eat, I have no gas period. I have no bloating or discomfort.”

“I am having a clean “cramp free” colon and I can sleep well through the night.”

“I bought these for my husband who has a lot of issues with heartburn and gas/bloating, and he uses Tums quite often. He noticed that he wasn’t getting as much heartburn and gas, nor did he get these loud, obnoxious type burps like he normally does. He was not taking his normal Tums at the same time, either (he said he didn’t feel like he needed them, which was great).”

“I take one when eating high lactose items like ice cream to prevent the gas and bloating.”

“My worst problem is being able to digest fat. When I take these it’s like I haven’t eaten fat at all. And best part…they keep me regular!”

“I feel an increase in energy.”

“For years I have had issues with digesting anything dairy related. I am so happy with the change! It has made a difference for me.”

“I think it has helped me more than TUMS or Zantac.”

 “I no longer worry about the gassy effects of legumes and milk products.”

“I have had problems for years with dairy products, gluten, and sweets. I can take these pills before each meal and I don’t suffer from the bloating and discomfort like I have in the past.”

“They do not have any type of laxative effect that I was afraid of.”

“I did not feel nearly as bad after drinking milk last night. The lactase is clearly effective.”

“I have onion, garlic and lactose intolerance. These enzymes are effective at preventing gas, heaviness in upper abdomen, cramping, and diarrhea after meal.”


“That day I was out with friends and it was burger time. Normally, I would order soup to play it safe. These enzymes allowed me to enjoy a burger instead, without any bloating, gas or constipation.”

“Since starting this I have not had the need to take a Zantac at all.”

“I was looking for something that would help when eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies, and this has stepped up to the plate.”

“I’ve suffered with IBS for over the last 20 years. My biggest symptom is bloating and constipation on a regular basis no matter how careful I try to be with my diet. I’ve tried Beano in the past with quite limited success. But since taking these supplements, I haven’t experienced any bloating.”

“In order to participate in a fitness competition I have been following a diet that requires I consume  TONS of animal and whey protein, fiber and complex carbs. This type of diet has overloaded my digestive system. The difference I felt with these enzymes was immediate. I didn’t feel bloated anymore, nor did I have this gurgling in my intestines. I was not gassy, didn’t feel any nausea, or indigestion.”

“These enzymes are the only way that I have found in a decade that I can eat vegetables like cauliflower and onions and lettuce without being in major pain.”

“This stuff has eliminated my horrible gas and bloating. It has made me regular, and it doesnt make my stomach cramp and hurt like the others.”

“I suffer from leaky gut due too many courses of antibiotics. Along with changes in diet, adding digestive enzymes has allowed my stomach lining to continue to heal. Everything seems to work much more smoothly.”

“I suffer from IBS. Since I have been taking them, I have felt significantly better. They have reduced my symptoms of abdominal pain, gas and bloating.”

“I suffer from a multitude of digestive issues including GERD, IBS, gallstone issues, etc. I can eat those foods I haven’t comfortably eaten in years with minimal, if any, digestive disturbance!”

“I have had such an easy time digesting big meals.”

“There is no longer undigested food in my stool.”

“It increased my levels of absorption, and thus increased my overall health.”

“They don’t smell bad. There is no after taste.”

“My husband has been diagnosed with IBS, Gastritis, and has undergone treatment for H Pylori. Since he started taking these supplements he has noticed a definite change for the better with his overall digestion. He has been able to stop taking some of the medications he regularly uses to aid his digestion.”

“I didn’t want to quit dairy because who can skip ice-cream? With these, I have gotten my life back as I no longer have awful cramps.”

“I am 63 and I used to have a slight stomach-ache accompanied by nausea and flatus after breakfast. Within 2-3 days of using this, my nausea and stomach-aches disappeared.”

“They really do reduce the bloating and most important the gas from the foods on my bad list. I could not dine out without knowing that I have stashed a few in my purse.”

“I do eat a lot of nuts and grains and taking these before my meal have helped.”

“It improved my chronic IBS symptoms.”

“I have no indigestion any more. Normally I would have to wait hours after the meal to eat something else!”

“I have a sensitive stomach. With these, I can eat anything without gastro discomfort.”

“I generally feel bloated and sluggish after eating wheat. Goodbye bloating, belching, passing gas.”

“With these, my daughter’s leaky gut symptoms are improving. Far less bowel movements than before. Stool is more formed and not liquid.”

“I really like how gentle they are on my stomach.”

“No longer do I feel bloated, gassy and yuck after a meal!”

“Being gluten intolerant (not celiac) this really helps with any gluten side effects I have.”

“No bloated feeling from too much pizza. I digested everything quickly.”

“My biggest problem has always been feeling very full even though I don’t over eat. The food just sits in my stomach for several hours before it decides to continue. I take one of these capsules and that uncomfortable full feeling doesn’t happen.”

“When I take then with my food, I get hungry within a couple of hours.”

“My biggest problem is a sluggish, aging digestive system. My body takes forever to digest two of my very favorite foods.  I have noticed less bloating. But now, I do not feel as heavy and sluggish after a hearty meal.”

“I occasionally suffer from the urge to engage in old behaviors and eat foods that I know are not good for me. It’s painful and uncomfortable, but I’ve found that these pills are a huge help.”

“I no longer have bloating, stomach pain, and I have so much less heartburn!”

“I started to notice that I wasn’t having as much of a problem with dairy anymore and that I felt better, more energetic.”


“Digestive issues consume your life. By the 10th day of taking this pill, I also had more energy and mental clearness.”

“I didn’t seem to have any problems after eating fried chicken (my all time favorite trigger food).”

“Ever since my gastric bypass surgery I have intestinal issues. I feel much better overall since starting the capsules.”

“I am sensitive to gluten and dairy, both make my stomach bloat up and I get very crampy and uncomfortable. With these enzymes, I can now enjoy pizza night with my kids again without feeling miserable.”

“I have a very selective stomach (lack of gallbladder and pancreatic insufficiency). This supplement essentially eliminated the stomach issues I normally have when eating.”

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