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Dr. Matthew #1 Probiotics

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Contains 15 essential strains. Most other brands contain only a handful of strains. Research has shown that probiotic formulas that contain multiple strains are more effective than products containing an extremely high concentration of just one or two strains. This is because many strains work synergistically to influence our health, as each strain improves the other strains’ chances of successful colonization. This enhances the efficacy of the probiotic formulation.

Contains 15 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU). Dr. Matthew #1 Probiotic is 3 times more potent than leading probiotic supplements which contain only 5 billion CFU!

The strains in Dr. Matthew #1 Probiotics include:




The 15 species of bacteria that our formula contains have all been proven to deliver important health benefits. Here are a few things these probiotic species have been shown to do:

  • Help create a healthier and more resistant gut, and reduce bacterial translocation. They may help repair leaky gut and reduce intestinal permeability.
  • Show anti-microbial activity against a number of pathogenic bacteria in the human gut.
  • Strengthen and regulate the immune system contributing to anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Improve IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), mitigate IBD and ulcerative colitis, help with the management of diverticulitis, prevent and treat diarrhea, relieve constipation, help with H. pylori treatment, mitigate celiac disease, ameliorate lactose intolerance and soothe conditions that make you feel bloated.
  • Reduce anxiety, and improve mood, cognitive function, learning and memory. Combat depression and stress.
  • Fight candida (candidiasis fungal infection) and soothe conditions that cause acne and rosacea.
  • Promote weight loss.
  • Increase human plasma antioxidant capacity, and protect from the harmful effect of free radicals.
  • Increase vitamin and mineral levels.
  • Improve skin health, combat eczema, alleviate allergies.
  • Improve senior’s health, combat fatigue, improve arthritis.




We use a patented tableting technology called LiveBac to ensure our probiotics are heat resistant, protected from air and moisture, and shelf stable. We have done viability tests and we ensure our probiotics remain alive at room temperature until the expiration date. Other brands promise viability only at time of manufacture.

Did you know that probiotics that do not need refrigeration are much more effective than those that need refrigeration? Here is why: When you ingest a probiotic capsule, it has to pass through the harsh environment of your stomach and all the way through your small intestine, before it reaches your large intestine where it colonizes—if it’s still alive. Well, during this several-hour journey, it is exposed to the body’s high temperature, acidity and humidity. If your probiotic supplement needs to be refrigerated to remain alive, then by the time it reaches your colon it’s totally dead! This is why probiotic powders, liquids, capsules, even cultured dairy products, do not benefit your health that much. The live cultures in such formulations are destroyed in your stomach before they reach the intestinal tract.




The patented in 30 countries probiotic delivery system that we use, called BIO-tract, makes our probiotics stomach-acid resistant, ensuring that the microorganisms survive the gastric acids to reach and colonize optimal sites in your intestinal tract.

  • Thanks to the LiveBac tableting system we use, our live culture probiotic caplets are protected from moisture and air, and remain alive while on the shelf. Thanks to the BIO-tract delivery system we use, when our probiotic caplets interact with the stomach fluids, they form a protective shell around them. Once in the intestinal tract, bacteria are released from the core through the protective shell gradually over an 8-10 hour period.

To the contrary, the veggie capsules that most probiotic supplements are delivered in offer no protection from the stomach acids. Enteric-coated probiotic capsules offer some protection, but the chemicals they are coated with are unhealthy. In addition, being freeze-dried, probiotics inside a capsule are hygroscopic, meaning they attract moisture and air which shortens their shelf life span dramatically. How are we different? Thanks to the LiveBac tableting system we use, our probiotic caplets are protected from moisture and air, and remain alive while on the shelf.

  • Thanks to the BIO-tract delivery system we use, when our probiotic caplets interact with the stomach fluids, they form a protective shell around them. Once in the intestinal tract, bacteria are released from the core through the protective shell gradually over an 8-10 hour period.




Our BIO-tract controlled release technology makes our probiotics time released, which means your gut is supplied with beneficial flora continuously throughout the day. Also, as the controllably disintegrated tablets travel inside your gut, they release the good bacteria exactly where you need them: deeply into your small and large intestine, across your whole gut—not only at the beginning of it as in most other formulations which lack the delay release effect.




Prebiotics act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria. The problem is that prebiotics (like FOS) used by other probiotic brands also feed the bad bacteria and even candida yeast! We, instead, use Actazin—a source of prebiotic fiber from Kiwi fruit clinically shown to nourish only your good gut bacteria. What’s more, Actazin is clinically proven to reduce bloating, promote normal bowel function and act as a gentle laxative.




Dr. Matthew #1 Probiotic supplement contains only human strain probiotics. That means, all 15 strains are natural, safe residents of the human digestive tract. Many probiotic supplements contain Soil Based Organisms (SBO). These tiny dirt dwellers come from the ground and are not naturally found in your body. Why is this a problem? SBO are not a part of the symbiotic relationship that keeps our immune systems strong and therefore they are foreign microbes that can become pathogenic especially in people with a compromised immune system. Yet, many probiotic supplements include SBO (i.e Bacilli genera). This is because SBO form spores which have naturally an amazing shelf life as they are resistant to heat, gastric acids, and even antibiotics, giving probiotic sellers a strong marketing proposition! But this spore-forming ability of SBOs is exactly what makes SBO infections so incredibly difficult to treat!

Don’t fall for the marketing pitch, especially if your immune system is not strong. Make sure you buy only human strain probiotics.




Manufactured by a world leader in probiotic manufacturing, in a state-of-the-art, GMP-certified, FDA-inspected manufacturing facility.




Enjoy all the health benefits by taking just one (slow, delayed release) caplet a day.




Our customers are more important than our sales. We believe that everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle, and we created this product with this in mind.

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One-month supply (30 tablets) of Probiotics


Customer Images and Reviews

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I absolutely love this product! I have tried other probiotics; and for me personally, I find this to work the best. I go through phases of having IBS symptoms, and I was to the point where I barely wanted to eat. After every meal I would either have a stomach ache, feel nauseated, and/or bloated. After 3 days of taking #1 probiotics, I started to feel better, and after a few weeks, I got to the point where I could eat just about anything I wanted (with the exception of dairy). I actually enjoy eating healthy, and it was the healthy foods that would upset my stomach the most. After a month of taking this, I decided to switch to Pro-50 probiotics to see how it compares. There is more bacteria in the Pro-50 brand; however, I was not happy with the product. I started having symptoms within a few weeks. I cannot remember the name of other brands I have tried, but at one point I was taking digestive enzymes with my meals. Not one product I’ve tried in the past has compared to this product. I will be keeping the #1 probiotics as my go-to brand for when I start developing symptoms. Thank you Dr. Matthew! I have been fighting these symptoms for 8 years and I finally found something that works.

After 3 solid weeks of taking the capsules my gut function has normalized, no more watery stools and more energy.


After 3 solid weeks of taking the capsules my gut function has normalized, no more watery stools and more energy.

I am 72 years old and in Dec 2015 I almost suffered a heart attack while staying in China for 6 months. The Chinese doctor who diagnosed me said that I had an enlarged heart, had 13 lesions in 3 of my coronary arteries, my blood was too thick and had high blood pressure. He strongly suggested I leave the country immediately, I guess they don’t want tourists dying there.

My wife Lili and I returned to the US on the next available flight and went directly to see our doctor who after 4 hours of testing diagnosed the same as the old Chinese doctor.

My cardiologist has been treating me for 3 years now but both the high blood pressure and angina had not normalized although I follow a strict diet and lots of exercise to combat my heart disease. Luckily I don’t smoke or drink alcohol and my weight is normal.

After taking the suggested drugs for the first year my quality of life decayed to a point where I decided to put an end to taking them and suffer the possible consequences.

I have been steadily improving for the last 2 years but very slowly. After taking your probiotics tablets I have noticed a fast and steady improvement in both my angina pectoris pain level and my blood pressure has come down from 158/77 to 138/72.

I am not going to tell you that I feel normal now but will continue taking the probiotics to see the results after 6 months, a year and into the future.

I want to discount the placebo effect but I would like to tell you that I feel there is a link between gut health and heart disease at least within my body. I’m Hopeful that I am right.

Thanks again for your product.


Answering Some Questions…

Q: What Happens if I don’t Use My Coupon Today?

A: Your coupon code is only good for today, tomorrow it will have expired. So, it’s best to click the button on this page now, and order it before either the coupon expires or the remaining inventory we have set aside for this promotion gets rounded up.

Q: What Will You Do With My Email Address?

A: We’d like to send you a note with a link to your Amazon coupon code. We might even send you similar flash sales we run down the road as well. We will not share your email with anyone and you can stop our messages anytime.

Q: Do These Contain Gluten?

A: No, these probiotics are Gluten free

Q: Do They Contain Dairy?

A: Our probiotics are lactose free. However, they do contain miniscule amounts of milk proteins (casein).

Q: Are These Vegan?

A: Dr. Matthew #1 Probiotic is 100% Vegetarian, all natural, and does not contain any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or preservatives of any kind.

We say “vegetarian” instead of “vegan” simply because while this formula does not contain any animal by-products, it may contain trace amounts of the milk protein casein that is necessary for the fermentation process. Please know that when we say trace amounts, it is so little that it’s practically undetectable. The amount is <2.5 parts per million (that is less than .0000025%).

Q: Is this promotion sponsored by Amazon or Facebook?

A: Our company and this promotion is not associated, sponsored, endorsed or administered by Amazon or Facebook. We are a private company running our own promotion to generate awareness of our company.

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